Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Efficient distribution and logistics


Innovative fuel delivery monitoring system

In 2016, LOTOS Paliwa's modern fuel delivery monitoring system was upgraded to include a unique video surveillance module.

The FDMS (remote Fuel Delivery Monitoring System) helps enhance goods-in-transit security and reduce the risk of damage or loss of products moved by road, by closely monitoring the vehicle, the cargo and the driver along the transport chain.

LOTOS Paliwa is working with seven transport companies, hence the need for coordinated transport operations to deliver fuels to its own and third-party service stations.

The FDMS system comprises several autonomous yet integrated components, namely:

  • GPS tracker,
  • Electronic seal system,
  • Compartment stripping control system,
  • System preventing mixing of fuels in tanker trucks,
  • Video surveillance system.

Some components of the FDMS system are already used by the fuel industry. After the launch of an online platform incorporating data from all systems as well as the tanker truck video surveillance, LOTOS Paliwa will boast the most innovative fuel transport monitoring system in Poland.

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