Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Principal activities and performance in 2016

Record-high oil processing volumes

In 2016, the Gdańsk refinery processed 10.4m tonnes of crude, the highest throughput in the LOTOS Group's history. Thus, the refinery utilised as much as 99% of its total annual capacities of 10.5m tonnes. Every fourth barrel of oil processed by the refinery was imported from sources other than markets east of Poland. 

Maintenance shutdowns − Spring 2017

2016 was marked by preparations for the biggest maintenance shutdown in the Gdańsk refinery's history – Spring 2017. The preparations included selecting maintenance contractors, contracting deliveries of replacement equipment, and ordering metal materials, spare parts, and automation and electrical accessories.

The Spring 2017 maintenance, carried out in March and April (30 days in total), covered 55 refining units, more than 1,100 apparatuses, approximately 1,000 pipelines, approximately 1,500 manual and automatic valves, fittings and other piping accessories, and approximately 2,000 automation accessories. The maintenance work involved approximately 3,500 personnel from more than 100 contractors.

During the shutdown, most of the new EFRA Project units were connected to the existing units, which will allow their smooth start-up on completion of the project in 2018, without halting all the operations at the refinery.

In 2016, the availability ratio of refining units at the LOTOS Group was 99.4%.

In 2016, there were a total of 16 maintenance shutdowns, lasting from 3 to 20 days, due to scheduled maintenance work and unscheduled, though standard, repairs.

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