Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016


  • The LOTOS Group produces hydrocarbons from offshore and onshore fields. Three-fourths of our volumes come from fields in Norway, while the balance is produced in the Baltic Sea and in Lithuania.
  • As at December 31st 2016, the LOTOS Group's 2P (proved and probable) reserves were at 72.7m boe.
  • Daily production in 2016 was approximately 26,000 boe, and is to reach 30,000−50,000 boe/d by 2022.

In recent years, efforts were made to develop a balanced upstream portfolio in Poland and abroad.
Our goals include:

  • Maintaining a steady and stable growth of hydrocarbon production,
  • Ensuring energy security for Poland, 
  • Diversifying supply directions, 
  • Extending the margin chain of the Gdańsk refinery.
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