Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Ambitious targets − twofold growth of EBITDA

Presentation of the growth strategy for 2017−2022 (EBITDA to double in 2019−2022)

One of the objectives of the LOTOS Group’s strategy for 2017−2022 is to stabilise the LOTOS Group’s performance on the difficult oil market, and to maintain stable and sustainable growth in the following key business areas:

  • Exploration and production,
  • Manufacturing highest-quality fuels,
  • Maintaining emergency stocks to build Poland’s energy security,
  • Technological advancement of the refinery and implementation of innovations.

In 2019−2022, we intend to double our LIFO-based EBITDA, from about PLN 2bn in 2015−2017 to some PLN 4bn. We plan to allocate PLN 9.4bn to capital expenditure until 2022.

Capital expenditure will be made in line with a detailed action plan, which for the next two years (2017−2018) provides for focusing on the development of the B8 field and the completion of the EFRA Project. We will also put emphasis on supporting innovation implementation processes.

Our strategy − five objectives

The LOTOS Group’s strategic objectives for 2017−2022 are: 

Effective use of assets along the value chain.

Meaning: use of production licences, further optimisation of refining technologies, new products and alternative fuels. 

  • 1.1. New, safer concept for developing a balanced upstream portfolio 
  • 1.2. Competitive edge with innovative technologies and new products 
  • 1.3. LOTOS Energy Hub in retail and care to ensure high standards in quality

Processes which guarantee stability.

Meaning: consistent and repeatable reduction of operating expenses and optimisation of margins along the value chain 

  • 2.1. Increased resilience to adverse external conditions thanks to low costs 
  • 2.2. Excellence in integrated margin management and diversification of feedstock sources

Readiness to embrace innovation.

Supported by: dedicated funds, a new model of collaboration with research centres, and real use of our employees’ potential.

  • 3.1. Setting up a fund to finance implementation of growth projects 
  • 3.2. Use of own experts and infrastructure to create a new research and development model in partnership with research institutions

Active opportunity and risk management.

Meaning: greater flexibility in responding to risks and faster identification of business opportunities.

  • 4.1. Strong culture of open dialogue and early response to risk symptoms 
  • 4.2. Risk management to optimise value for stakeholders

Strong team, coherent CSR story and safety.

Meaning: greater responsibility for the wider environment. Building national energy security, diversifying supplies of raw materials and fuels, OHS, cyber security and social responsibility.

  • 5.1. Talent development as a key source of competitive advantage
  • 5.2. Integrated CSR policy
  • 5.3. Robust safety culture

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