Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

LOTOS here and now − hydrogen, CNG/LNG

New LNG reloading terminal on the TEN-T map

At the LOTOS Group we deliver projects co-funded by the EU that enable us to develop and implement innovative technologies and logistics solutions. One of them is a project to construct a small-scale LNG terminal in Gdańsk to operate as a local hub for transshipment, bunkering and distribution of LNG to end users and service stations.

The feasibility study of the project was awarded EU funding in the CEF-Synergy competition.

The initiative is related to the project to expand reload capacity at the LNG terminal in Świnoujście from 5 bcm to 7.5 bcm of LNG annually. The LNG hub in Gdańsk, combined with the capacity of the Świnoujście terminal, will enable development of the local LNG market in Poland.

The LNG hub in the Port of Gdańsk will bring the following benefits: 

  • It will provide infrastructure to use LNG as a marine fuel at TEN-T ports in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot,

TEN-T stands for the Trans-European Transport Network and ensures interconnectivity of infrastructure projects across the EU. It is the backbone for transport in Europe on which the EU will focus to enhance cross-border connections, fill missing links and remove bottlenecks.

  • It will prompt construction of local LNG storage infrastructure enabling LNG to be used as an energy source (in refineries or ships moored in ports) or as fuel for marine and land transport along the TEN-T Baltic Sea-Adriatic Sea corridor,
  • It provides an option to connect LNG storage facilities to the high-pressure gas network of the LOTOS refinery,
  • It will prompt construction of infrastructure for distribution of LNG to heat and power plants in regions unserved by the gas pipeline network in north-eastern Poland.
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