Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Innovation Our approach

Our approach to innovation:
  • Makes innovative projects an integral part of all investment projects
  • Seeks synergies between the needs of the company and benefits to the environment, especially to the natural world. The technologies we use are ahead of the increasingly stringent environmental protection standards and regulations.
  • Is based on the assumption that there is no single pattern of innovation-driven operations in the refining industry, therefore each company, including the LOTOS Group, seeks its own way. We do not merely rely on the manufacturer's knowledge but we also develop proprietary solutions
  • Takes into account the fact that growth of the refining business requires application of state-of-the-art technologies and systemic solutions in the organisation's structure.
  • Results in a regular analysis of new technologies with a view to improving them to meet refinery's needs.
  • Uses synergies between various industries. We collaborate with other businesses in creating innovations. 
  • Recognises the fact that innovative projects bolster our competitiveness. That is why we have assigned strategic importance to their development and implementation and made them a foundation for one of the five objectives in the LOTOS Group's strategy for 2017−2022.
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