Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Investing in efficiency

  • In 2016, a blending online system for blending fuels was introduced at the Gdańsk refinery. The project increased the refinery's output and reduced its energy intensity.

How we reduce the refinery's energy intensity and costs − innovation in 2016

At the LOTOS Group we are consistently investing in technologies reducing energy intensity, which makes our business more environmentally friendly and economically efficient. 

New blender − online fuel blending

In 2016, in order to further improve the efficiency of our refinery's production processes we launched a new innovative blender for blending gasoline and diesel oil. The project to upgrade and extend the existing unit was designed by the LOTOS Group engineers.

Blender is a system designed to blend fuels online, i.e. in the pipelines, which supplements the traditional method where all the components are blended in tanks. Online blending is a key functionality of a modern and smart refinery.

Completion of the investment project increased our production efficiency through: 

  • Diversifying the methods of product blending, 
  • Facilitating adaptation to changes in the refinery operation, 
  • Reducing the time for blending a batch by half, 
  • Reducing the number of re-blends, 
  • Automating the blending process. 

The scope of product quality checks will increase, too.

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