Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Trading and other partners

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In 2016, we implemented projects extending beyond the refining business, working with research centres, the manufacturing industry and local governments. We actively seek partnerships that allow us to build innovation and technological advantage over competitors.

Smart specialisation partnerships

LOTOS Group companies are active participants in two out of four research and development areas of the Pomerania Smart Specialisation (ISP) project

  • Grupa LOTOS, LOTOS Lab, LOTOS Asfalt, LOTOS Oil and LOTOS Petrobaltic have been included in the ‘Eco-Efficient Technologies for the Production, Transmission, Distribution and Consumption of Fuels and Energy and for Construction’ area or ISP3
  • In parallel, LOTOS Petrobaltic participates in 'Offshore, Port and Logistics Technologies' or ISP1, which covers floating and stationary structural components of offshore wind farms and production platforms, unmanned marine, land and air vehicles for monitoring and inspection of offshore facilities, as well as systems for removal of petroleum contamination from water and environmental monitoring systems.

What Smart Specialisation means in practice is that public funds within the EU will be spent to unlock and harness the potential of the areas (like Pomerania) and sectors (like extractive industries) which stand out in a given region in terms of significant potential for rapid growth and international expansion.

The ISP programme assumes that its participating projects, which now include the research initiatives of LOTOS Group companies, will have easier access to funding under the 2014−2020 Regional Operational Programme for the Gdańsk region, Smart Growth Operational Programme, and HORIZON 2020. Thanks to involvement in the ISP project, we established collaborative relationships with the Marshal Office of the Gdańsk region and the academic community.

We support start-ups − working with start-up incubators

Our subsidiary LOTOS Paliwa has teamed up with the Academic Business Incubators to support new business ventures. The initiative helps new businesses to reduce operating costs.

Our partner start-ups are offered lower fuel prices and discounts on products and services purchased at LOTOS service stations. Last year 2,200 early stage companies housed in 50 incubators were given attractive fuel discounts. By forging relationships with businesses at an early stage, we lay the foundations for long-term collaboration.

A special edition of the LOTOS Biznes fleet card for businesses participating in the Academic Business Incubators programme provides them with an option to continue the business relationship with us and use fuel discounts even after they leave the incubator. Micro-enterprises and small businesses are an increasingly important customer group at our service stations.

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