Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Associations with LOTOS brand

Awareness of and associations with the LOTOS brand among retail customers largely depend on the image of LOTOS service stations, which are the main point of contact with consumers. The LOTOS brand is known to 93% of motorists. Its unaided awareness is 66%, and 'top of mind' awareness stands at 18%.

28% of respondents prefer LOTOS stations to other brands. 26% say that at the LOTOS stations they “feel the customer is king ”.

Sponsorship of sports plays an important role in brand association and image. In this area, the LOTOS brand featured top-of-mind awareness of 17% in 2016 (2012: 9%) and unaided awareness of 32% (2012: 19%). LOTOS' commitment to sports sponsorship builds its image of an active and visible brand in the market.

Furthermore, LOTOS has higher unaided brand awareness as a sponsor of the Polish national football team (20%) than as an oil producer (10%) and oil processing company (16%).

The sponsorship of the Polish footballers at the Euro 2016 Championship brought the following benefits:

After Euro 2016, the awareness of the LOTOS brand as a sponsor of the national football team rose by 16%. Ultimately, 43% of respondents see LOTOS as a sponsor of the Polish team.

A strong growth of our brand perception as the national team sponsor was observed among female respondents.

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