Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Our products


Product life cycle

Continuous improvement of the product portfolio and new products

Product categories made from crude oil processing at the refinery:

  • fuels (unleaded gasoline, diesel oil and light fuel oil),
  • heavy fuel oil,
  • bitumens,
  • aviation fuel,
  • naphtha,
  • Propane-butane (LPG),
  • Base oils.
New products

In 2016, the LOTOS Group developed and launched new products, namely:

  • New lubricating oils, including Marinol 4050, which expanded the product mix addressed to waterways transport customers. In 2015, following the introduction of more stringent regulations reducing the permitted sulphur content in marine fuels used in the Baltic Sea from 1% to 0.1%, it became necessary to develop lubricating oils with lower TBN. We have responded by launching our Marinol 4050 oil.
  • Innovative pavement produced as part of the EFRA Project, designed and constructed to last up to 50 years, with no need of major structural reconstruction and requiring only periodic top layer renewal. It is therefore a low-cost maintenance type of pavement, and distresses, if any, can be quickly remedied from the surface. Reduced number of necessary repairs has a positive effect on the environment.

How we ensure safe use of products

We assess the health and safety impacts of all our key product and service categories, including in particular: 

  • Lubricating oils and lubricants (assessment process compliant with the EU REACH Directive and CLP Regulation ),
  • Bitumens and bitumen products,
  • Marine fuel.

The LOTOS Group provides Safety Data Sheets , which contain information on any hazardous properties of its products and on the rules and recommendations concerning their safe use.

Every project of the LOTOS Group which involves the marketing of a new product includes an analysis of potential threats the product's use may pose to the environment and customers.

Safe bitumens

Although petroleum bitumens are not classified as hazardous substances, in our materials, such as Information on Mixture Components and Safety Data Sheets, we present the latest recommendations on safe product handling . 

Bitumen emulsions from LOTOS Group product portfolio are a mixture of bitumen and organic solvents. They represent environment hazard if used improperly. Safety Data Sheets contain information on how to handle them in an appropriate manner.

In particular, every project which involves the marketing of a new product includes an analysis of potential risks the use of such new product may pose to the environment and users.

Fuels under constant monitoring

We monitor the impact of our fuels on human health and safety already during their production. For each type of fuel we have drawn up a Safety Data Sheet on the hazardous substances it contains. Safety Data Sheets are delivered directly to each wholesale customer and are available to retail customers at the LOTOS service stations. Safety Data Sheets for non-fuel products are also made available at the LOTOS service stations.

The safety standards for fuel sales at CODO stations are set, developed and monitored by LOTOS Paliwa. Health and safety impacts monitoring at such stations includes:

  • fuel deliveries,
  • supervision of the service station's fuel infrastructure,
  • actions taken in the case of accidents or failures,
  • safety rules for customer service and fuel sales,
  • Environmental management compliant with the PN-EN ISO 14001: 2005 standard,
  • Occupational health and safety management compliant with the PN-N-18001 standard.

The personnel of LOTOS Paliwa conduct regular inspections of fuel transport in accordance with relevant procedures. The areas we monitor include:

  • loading operations at fuel depots,
  • safe passage of road tankers over the monitored routes, including correct cargo marking in compliance with the ADR requirements,
  • safety of unloading sites,
  • Unloading operations, to ensure their compliance with the established procedure and completion rate,
  • Actions taken in the case of spills or failures.

The Occupational Health and Safety Team analyses the potential exposure of LOTOS Paliwa service stations staff personnel to chemical substances in motor fuels, and then describes the findings in occupational risk assessment documentation. As regards contractors' personnel, the Occupational Health and Safety Team checks whether the service stations personnel are familiar with the Safety Data Sheets for fuels sold at the LOTOS service stations.

Gold medal for Transmil oil

Our Transmil Extra XSP oil was named the best product in the ‘New Machinery and Technologies’ category and in 2016 it won a gold medal at the 11th International Trade Fairs of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Control Systems, Drives, and Mechatronics. It has been designed for use in modern industrial gears operated in extreme operational environment , where traditional mineral gear oils fail and synthetic oils prove either too expensive or too aggressive for, e.g. seals and paint coatings. Transmil Extra XSP oil prevents lubricated friction joints from early wear and tear.

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