Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Social programmes and campaigns

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LOTOS Cup in the Pomerania region

The ‘Football Future with LOTOS’ programme is carried out in 14 centres established in 2012–2015 with the support from local football clubs in the Pomerania region. At present, about 3,000 girls and boys practice as part of the LOTOS programme and the Lechia Gdansk Football Academy, under the watchful eye of professional coaches.

12-year-olds representing all the centres covered by the ‘Football Future with LOTOS’ programme attended the LOTOS Junior Cup 2016. In order to reach the final, the teams had to win three matches in the knockout stage, which in 2016 was achieved by the team from Luzino.

As a socially committed business, in 2016 we continued our involvement with other social and sports projects addressed to children and teenagers. We supported the ‘Gdynia Basketball Talents’ project, mini speedway in GKŻ Wybrzeże, the Gdansk Sailing Club, Weronika Baszak, a young tennis player, and the Basketball Section of the Legia Warszawa club.

‘Talent with LOTOS’ – Czechowice-Dziedzice

In 2016, we started to cooperate with the Czechowice-Dziedzice Municipal Office on the ‘Talent from Czechowice-Dziedzice, a Town of Fiery Enthusiasm’ educational programme. The initiative is a part of the wider ‘Talent with LOTOS’ project aimed to support talented students from the Pomerania region and the Jasło and Bielsko-Biała Counties – areas of key importance to our corporate social responsibility strategy.

The primary objective of the programme is to foster scientific thinking among students from elementary and junior-high schools. Under supervision of their teachers, the students carried out scientific and research projects, which were then assessed by the experts and, at the end of the year, awarded by Marian Błachut, Mayor of Czechowice-Dziedzice, and Grupa LOTOS. The first edition comprised 18 projects, involving 92 students.

The programme is a way to identify and develop talented individuals from the Czechowice-Dziedzice municipality, who will become qualified employees in the future, driving local business growth.

Jasło Science League with LOTOS 

Once again, prizes and distinctions were awarded to research projects completed by the students as a part of the Jasło Science League with LOTOS. The third edition of this innovative educational project attracted 241 pupils from schools and preschools in Jasło. Supervised by 71 teachers, they prepared 86 minor scientific and research projects and presented the results to the public.

In 2016, the main prize was awarded to a showcase project entitled ‘Trends, Family Traditions or Sheer Coincidence – What Stands Behind Names Chosen For Children Born in Jasło in 2003’, carried out by three elementary school girls.

Safety Belt Champions

Since 2014, acting jointly with the National Road Traffic Safety Centre, we have been involved in educational initiatives and have spread information on transporting children in safety seats and proper fastening of seat belts. To this end, we launched the ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ social campaign, addressed to drivers and passengers from all over Poland. We assume that the project will enhance their awareness of road safety rules and they will thus contribute to limiting the number of road accidents and their consequences. We seek to reach them through a number of activities under the ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ campaign, for example: 

  • Special 'pit-stops' have been set up at the LOTOS service stations to serve as expert inspection outlets where we invite drivers buying fuels and all service station customers. At the pit-stops:
    • a team of qualified experts check whether seat belts are fastened correctly and whether the driver's and passengers' headrests are properly adjusted,
    • the experts offer instruction on how to transport properly the youngest passengers in safety seats and how to install safety seats in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety while travelling,
    • children are invited to play, colour educational books, do puzzles and fasten dolls in safety seats,
    • all pit-stop visitors receive training materials. 
  • We hold ‘Stay Safe – It's Good to Be Alive!’ seminars and safety classes at selected elementary schools. During the classes children and youths learn by playing how to correctly fasten seat belts and how they work, how to properly install and fasten safety seats, how airbags are deployed, etc.

Facts and figures about the ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ campaign. Since 2014:

  • 6,000 drivers have opted for an inspection and instruction concerning proper adjustment of seats and headrests, installation of child safety seats and fastening of seat belts, 
  • 15,000 participants have taken part in workshops devoted to fastening seat belts and installing safety seats,
  • Over 2,500 children have attended the safety classes and workshops on proper seat belt fastening.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz, a multiple Polish rally champion, has agreed to be the campaign ambassador. The project is run under the auspices of the Polish National Police Headquarters, the General Inspectorate of Road Transport, the Automotive Industry Institute, the National Road Safety Council and the National Fire Service.

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