Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Sponsorship and patronage

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We engage in sponsorship activities in adherence to the LOTOS brand positioning strategy. Our stakeholders' needs are at the heart of everything we do. In communicating our sponsorship projects we emphasise development, motivation and passion. In line with this approach, marketing communication is focused on highlighting the premium quality of LOTOS products and selected services offered to direct customers.

Areas of our sponsorship activities

In 2016, we sponsored projects in three key areas:

  • Sports sponsorship − 29 projects,
  • Arts and culture sponsorship − 23 projects,
  • Social and environmental sponsorship − 13 projects.

Maritime Education Programme − junior high school students love the sea

We have sponsored the Maritime Education Programme, addressed to first grade students of junior high schools in Gdansk, for many years. Since the start of the project in 2010, it has attracted 20,000 participants. As part of the Programme, every year young people:

  • Learn sailing during free cruises organized from May to September. The youths are trained in marine safety and take a four-hour trip along the Motlawa river, the Gdansk harbour channel, and in the Gdansk Bay. Each yacht's crew includes an attendant - a qualified steersman who is responsible for the group's safety.
  • Develop sensitivity to the condition of the natural environment, and especially the problems affecting the Baltic Sea. Grupa LOTOS has been involved in the conservation of the Baltic Sea biodiversity for many years (for example, in 2016 it took part in protection and awareness initiatives run together with the Marine Station on the Hel Peninsula and the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdansk).

As part of the Maritime Education Programme, we also held free sailing workshops for children and weekend classes on the Brzezno beach, and had educational stands during popular public events in the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot agglomeration, which enjoyed high popularity with the visitors.

Maritime Education Programme

LOTOS for arts and culture

In 2016, Grupa LOTOS and its subsidiaries sponsored 23 culture and arts projects. The most important of our sponsorship initiatives took place in the Pomerania region, mainly in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia cities. These included:

  • The Shakespeare Festival, The Siesta Festival, the Two Theatres Festival of the Polish Radio and Television, The Daisy Chain Wonders - Summer Begins in Gdynia Music Festival, Ladies Jazz Festival, Festival of the City of Gdansk, the Energy of Freedom concert, and the Actus Humanus 2016 Festival.

We are also a strategic partner of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk.

The main cultural sponsorship projects we were involved in in the southern Poland included:

  • LOTOS Jazz Festival, Jasło Days, Czechowice-Dziedzice Days, Autumn Theatre Days, and the international ‘Łemkowska Watra’ Lemko Culture Festival.

E(x)plory − support to young scientists

It was the fourth time that we extended our support to the E(x)plory Scientific Competition, which brings together young talents and the world of science and business. E(x)plory is the largest scientific competition in Poland, offering students aged 13−20 an opportunity to create and develop innovative projects, learn new ideas, and share experience with other young scientists and specialists.

Out of the 200 projects registered for the competition, the best 32 ones, developed by 52 young scientists, qualified for the national final. They dealt with a wide variety of issues − from artificial intelligence to environmental pollution and social research.

The winners were chosen by a jury consisting of renowned experts representing recognised scientific institutions and innovative businesses. One of them was Jan Biedroń, Head of the Technology and Innovation Office at Grupa LOTOS. The winners were awarded scholarships.

Young innovators and investors have an opportunity to meet at congresses held as an accompanying event to the competition. For the former, they have a chance to gain inspiration from the best and to confront their ideas with market expectations.

The competition is a part of the E(x)plory Programme, which also comprises regional festivals, research and development internships at laboratories of universities or science institutions, and business incubators.

The E(x)plory Scientific Competition is organised by the Advanced Technologies Foundation. It seeks to promote science and meet the challenges facing modern states by developing innovations and educating young people to become professionals in the world based on technological progress.

E(x)plory Programme

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