Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

The LOTOS Group − An Employer of Choice

  • In 2016, 88.32% of all the employees received a positive periodic assessment. 
  • In 2016 average training hours per employee totalled 23.5, i.e. two hours more compared to 2015. 
  • 1,250 employees of the LOTOS Group attended training courses organized by the LOTOS Academy. 
  • Given the ongoing EFRA Project, in 2016 a record-high number of training hours was recorded to the personnel in the refining area. 97 plant operators received training as part of four 12-day sessions, concluded with a written examination and the award of course completion certificates.

We aim to strengthen the LOTOS Group's market position as an employer of choice. It is one of the key objectives of the LOTOS Group strategy for 2017−2022, and talent development is perceived as a way to build competitive advantage. 

To this end, we pay special attention to professionally designed employee assessment model to provide up-to-date and personalised feedback. In 2016, we consistently followed and improved our periodic employee assessment system. 

In the next five years, we will also seek to ensure an ongoing information exchange within the organisation to take advantage of the internal diversity of our teams. In 2016, this issue was addressed by holding training sessions focused on appreciation of diversity in teams as well as inter-company initiatives and meetings where staff shared their experience regarding, for instance, the safety system.

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