Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Environmental protection every day − EKOID campaign

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Office launched EKOID, an internal environmental protection campaign addressed to all personnel of the LOTOS Group. The campaign is part of the LOTOS Group's environmental responsibility programme.

The purpose of EKOID campaign is to encourage the employees to engage in environmental initiatives and to pay more attention to how everyday activities affect the natural environment. The expected benefits include reducing the environmental impact of individual segments of the organisation and cutting its operating expenses. 

A dedicated tab has been created on the Lotostrada website that features, among other things, meters showing in a clear manner water and electricity consumption, cost of office supplies at the LOTOS Group, titbits, statistics, and suggestions concerning the LOTOS Group's environmental impact. To date, the tab has been visited approximately 400 times.

Through its fun element, that is a friendly logotype, positive motivation, but also education and data presentation , the campaign has raised the personnel awareness of environmental issues and the organization's environmental impact.

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