Integrated Annual Report of LOTOS Capital Group 2016

Who do we engage with and why?

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Our key stakeholders are identified based on:
  • Their influence on the organisation,
  • The organisation's influence on the stakeholders,
  • Our key business regions: The Pomorskie Province (the Gdansk region) in the north of Poland, and the Czechowice-Dziedzice and Jasło regions in the south of Poland.
Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders recognise our efforts in many fields, as demonstrated by the numerous awards we were granted in 2016 and in the preceding years.

We are engaged in an active dialogue with our social partners and market players. The communication channels and frequency of the interaction vary depending on the stakeholder group and are designed to ensure the relationship benefits to both parties. Our key activities in this area are as follows:

  • regular surveys to gauge the satisfaction level of our customers, contractors and suppliers,
  • regular exchange of information with capital market players through our Investor Relations tab and road shows,
  • interaction with regulatory, inspection/audit and monitoring bodies on an as needed basis,
  • dialogue with employees during day-to-day work and through trade unions, and regular job satisfaction surveys.
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